Sunday, May 4th, 2025    /    12 Kilometers (7.46 Miles)    /    Spokane, Washington    /    49th Running

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A race for everyone. From the spirited 12K to family-friendly strolls:

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Lilac Bloomsday Association’s mission statement: To promote national and international sports competition and fitness education for the civic betterment, social improvement, and physical well-being of the general public.

Washington State Road Running Championships


Bloomsday 2024 proudly hosts the twenty-fourth annual Washington State Road Running Championships, an exhilarating addition to the race’s competitive spirit. To be eligible for prize money in this distinguished division, runners must have been state residents for at least one year—no citizenship is required. Participating in this division is seamless, as no special sign-up is necessary. For state residents claiming victory in the open or masters divisions at Bloomsday, the unique opportunity arises to choose which prize money to accept, eliminating any possibility of ‘double-dipping.’ Bloomsday will issue the 2024 Washington State Road Running Championship prize money checks once residency requirements are confirmed in adherence to Bloomsday rules.

State Resident Prize Money
Place Men Women
1. $1,000 $1,000
2. 750 750
3. 500 500
4. 250 250


To qualify as a resident, runners must currently live in Washington and have maintained continuous residency for at least one year (365 days) prior to the Bloomsday 2024 race. Residency is established by an actual place of residence, excluding addresses used solely for mail or official documents. Notably, a driver’s license, voter registration card, or other official documents alone do not automatically confirm residency. Certain exceptions apply, including full-time students away at college or military personnel stationed in Washington but temporarily assigned elsewhere.

Bloomsday thoroughly investigates each runner’s eligibility for the Washington State Road Running Championships (WSRRC), a process that may take up to 90 days. As part of this scrutiny, Bloomsday may request runners to complete and sign an Affidavit affirming the residency requirements. Non-compliance with this request or any other information inquiry renders the runner ineligible for the WSRRC. It’s crucial to note that citizenship is not a prerequisite for residency, making foreign nationals eligible if they meet the specified residency criteria.

College or graduate students who attend school in the state of Washington or Spokane County but whose permanent residences are elsewhere do not meet these residency requirements. Exceptions to this rule are:

Full-time students who are away at college or graduate school who otherwise meet the residency requirements for the state of Washington or Spokane County set forth above. These individuals remain eligible under their permanent Washington or Spokane address until they are out of school and do not return to the state of Washington or Spokane County. If, however, they establish formal residency elsewhere while in school, they are not eligible for this competition.

Members of the military who are stationed in the state of Washington or Spokane County who are on assignment elsewhere.

Runners who meet the residency requirements, but who are temporarily living elsewhere (e.g. visit, vacation, training camp, etc.) remain eligible provided they have not lived outside the area for more than 60 days and have not established residency in a new location.

2024 Results

Results of the 2024 Washington State Road Running Championships (Held in conjunction with Bloomsday)


WA Place Name Gun Time (Chip Time) Prize
1. TURNER WILEY 00:36:10 (00:36:09) 1000
2. BRIAN MASTERSON 00:37:10 (00:37:09) 750
3. CARLOS VILLAGOMEZ 00:38:03 (00:38:02) 500
4. ANDREW KIMPEL 00:38:14 (00:38:13) 250
WA Place Name Gun Time (Chip Time) Prize
1. COURTNEY M OLSEN 00:44:05 (00:44:03) 1000
2. MOIRA K O’CONNOR LENTH 00:44:19 (00:44:17) 750
3. AUDRA MCPARTLAND 00:44:56 (00:44:55) 500
4. ALLISON KEAN 00:45:14 (00:45:13) 250

2023 Results

Results of the 2023 Washington State Road Running Championships (Held in conjunction with Bloomsday)


Top Washington Finishers: MEN


Steve NG’ETICH Washington



2. Brian MASTERSON Washington


3. Conner PELOQUIN Washington 37:27 500
4. Andrew Kimpel Washington  38:05 250


Amelia Keyser-Gibson Washington 42:38


2. Ashley Matton Washington 43:50 750
3. Erin Fredrickson Washington 45:35 500
4. Kai Sharbono Washington 46:02 250
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