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May 17, 2013

Spokane, WA—It was on the descent from Spokane Community College to the Spokane River that the Bloomsday crowd heard country/pop singer Tori Whitten, and the music seemed to be to their liking, as Whitten later emerged victorious in post-race voting for Best Bloomsday Entertainer. Rockers Nixon Rodeo and vocalist Tanner Azzinnaro finished close behind in the tenth annual contest to choose the favorite performer along the 12-kilometer route.


The top three performers this year were all at locations toward the middle of the course. Whitten was just past four miles, Nixon Rodeo was just near the four-and-a-half mile point, and Azzinnaro was just before the six-mile mark.

Whatever their preference in entertainment, Bloomsday runners, walkers and wheelers seemed to enjoy the performances, as they cast 1,226 votes this year for the nearly 30 performers on the course.

“The great weather this year brought out the best of the best performers,” said Bloomsday volunteer Laurel Warner, who organized the competition. “There was something for everyone along the route.”

The bands scheduled along the route this year included (in order by location along the course) Cathedral Choir of Our Lady of Lourdes (Church Choir), Black Gingham (Indie Rock Band), Station 7 (Instrumental Rock), Too Many Men (Pop/Rock), Spokane Event Photography (ZUMBA Fitness), Good Ole Stuff (Oldies), Specialty Music (Oldies), Diesel Daisy and the Buckettes (Bucket Band), The Crashers (Cover Band), Lil’ Twigs & the Old Growths Wildwood Marimba Band(Zimbabwe/American Pop/Original Contemporaty), Angela Marie Project (Original Progressive), Tori Whitten (Country/Pop), Top-Soil (Christian Metal), The Nixon Rodeo (Rock Band), Chris Ellenberger (50’s/60’s), Summit View Swank (Rockabilly/Folk/Country/Rock), SpoCon (Science Fiction/Fantasy), Tanner Azzinnaro (Singer), Dawn of Life (Blend of Rock/Blues/Funk/Country/Jazz), Vibe (Rock/Blues/Polka), Uncle Miltie’s Grass Menagerie (Bluegrass), Stranglers of Bombay (Classic Rock), Random Generation (Classic Rock), The Donner Party Band (Classic Rock/Blues), Dave Dirt and his Clods (Father/Son Rock & Roll), Reckless Logic (Rock Cover Band), Quarter Monkey (Original Rock Music), and Last Chance for Gas (70’s Light/Christian Rock).

Tori Whitten will earn the top prize of $500 in this year’s Best Bloomsday Entertainer contest, while Nixon Rodeo and Tanner Azzinnaro will get the 2nd and 3rd place awards of $300 and $200. Additional cash rewards will be paid out through random drawings.

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