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Dec 9, 2015

December 9, 2015—For the sixth year in a row, one of Spokane’s top high school runners will be competing at the Foot Locker National Cross Country Championships, to be held Saturday at Balboa Park in San Diego. This year’s star is senior Justin Janke of North Central High School, who qualified for the Championships last Saturday with a seventh place finish in the Boys Seeded Race at the Foot Locker West Regional Cross Country Championships at Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) in southern California.


This will be the first trip to Foot Locker Nationals for Janke, who won the Washington State 3A Cross Country Championship in November. No Spokane runner has ever won the Foot Locker Nationals, which have been held annually since 1979, but John Dressel of Mt. Spokane finished second in 2013. That finish tied Andrew Maris of White River High School (Buckley), who was runnerup in 1989.


The West Regional meet where Janke qualified last weekend was one of four Foot Locker competitions held across the country. The top ten runners from each of four regional meets advance to the National Championships.


Spokane area runners who have competed in the Foot Locker National Meet are listed below. More information on the Foot Locker Regionals and Nationals may be obtained by logging on to


Spokane Foot Locker National Competitors:


1982: Annette Hand, Central Valley H.S.—19th place, 17:58

1983: Christine Slentz, Lewis & Clark H.S.—16th place, 18:08

1987: Chris Lewis, Mead H.S.—12th place, 15:22

1988: Lisa Dressel, Rogers H.S.—25th place, 18:43

1989: Stuart Burnham, Ferris H.S.—7th place, 15:15

          Greg Kuntz, Mead H.S.—16th place, 15:31

          Sarah Schwald, Mead H.S.—4th place, 17:35

          Carrie Moller, Rogers H.S.—14th place, 18:14

1992: Matt Davis, Mead H.S.—31st place, 16:51

          Jessica Fry, Rogers H.S.—25th place, 18:58

1993: Matt Davis, Mead H.S.—3rd place, 15:08

          Michah Davis, Mead H.S.—10th place, 15:24

1994: Skiy Detray, Mead H.S.—30th place, 16:08

1995: Isaac Hawkins, Ferris H.S.—12th place, 15:33

1996: Isaac Hawkins, Ferris H.S.—26th place, 16:29

2000: Michael Kiter, Shadle Park H.S.—23rd place, 15:41

2001: Jesse Fayant, Mead H.S.—10th place, 15:07

2002: Jamie Geissler, Mead H.S.—11th place, 17:53

2003: Evan Garber, Mead H.S.—15th place, 15:31

2005: Taylor Nepon, Mead H.S.—36th place, 16:14

          Megan O’Reilly, Mt. Spokane H.S.—4th place, 17:36

2010: Andrew Gardner, Mead H.S.—4th place, 15:18

          Nathan Weitz, Shadle Park H.S.—31st place, 15:52

          Kendra Weitz, Shadle Park H.S.—36th place, 18:38

2011: Nathan Weitz, Shadle Park H.S.—3rd place, 15:21

          Andrew Gardner, Mead H.S.—6th place, 15:24

2012: Andrew Gardner, Mead H.S.—11th place, 15:34

          John Dressel, Mt. Spokane H.S.—14th place, 15:37

2013: John Dressel, Mt. Spokane H.S.—2nd place, 15:10

2014: John Dressel, Mt. Spokane H.S.—6th place, 15:18

2015: Justin Janke, North Central H.S


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