Fit for Bloomsday – Fit for Life Program Sponsored by Darigold FIT Set to Kick Off Next Week

Mar 14, 2024

Spokane, WA 3/13/24 – As part of its ongoing commitment to fostering healthy lifestyles  among youth, the Lilac Bloomsday Association is excited to announce the launch of the  2024 “Fit for Bloomsday – Fit for Life” program, set to begin next week. This exciting  initiative, designed to promote physical activity and wellness among students, will offer  free, safe, and engaging activities aimed at getting kids ready to participate in Jr. Bloomsday  and Bloomsday, but also aims at instilling healthy habits for life.  

“We are excited to partner with Darigold FIT to bring Fit for Bloomsday – Fit for Life to our  school communities,” said Bethany Lueck, Communications and Sponsorship Coordinator  at Bloomsday. “This program aligns with our mission to empower youth to get involved in  sports competition and fitness education. By providing free and accessible activities, we  hope to inspire a lifelong commitment to making healthy choices.”  

In addition to promoting physical activity, Fit for Bloomsday – Fit for Life emphasizes the  importance of inclusivity. Volunteer coaches will lead all sessions, ensuring that  participants can exercise with confidence and peace of mind. The program welcomes students of all fitness levels and backgrounds, creating a supportive environment where  students can earn prizes, and everyone can thrive. 

“We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to live a healthy and active life,” said  Lueck. “Through initiatives like Fit for Bloomsday – Fit for Life, we aim to empower young  people to prioritize their well-being and make positive choices that will benefit them for  years to come.” 

Parents and guardians are encouraged to check with your child’s school to find out when  your Fit for Bloomsday – Fit for Life program will kick off.  


More Info: Fit for Bloomsday was started by school principal and previous Bloomsday  board member Tom Jones. He was instrumental in ensuring Bloomsday was a family event  that all can enjoy. He knew kids would enjoy Bloomsday if they were physically ready for it  and so, the Fit for Bloomsday – Fit for Life program was born!

Jr. Bloomsday race day is April 14, 2024, at Spokane Falls Community College and  Bloomsday is May 5, 2024 in downtown Spokane. For more information or to register for Jr.  Bloomsday or Bloomsday please visit 


Bethany Lueck | Sponsorship and Communications Coordinator 

Lilac Bloomsday Association 

Office: 509-838-1579 ext.13 

Cell: 509-724-7527

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