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Lilac Bloomsday Association’s mission statement: To promote national and international sports competition and fitness education for the civic betterment, social improvement, and physical well-being of the general public.

2006 Governor’s Community Health Bowl begins Sept. 18; Bloomsday participants encouraged to join

Sep 15, 2006

Contact Jennifer Muhm—206.577.1806,


September 15, 2006—The second annual Governor’s Community Health Bowl kicks off on September 18, 2006, which Gov. Chris Gregoire will proclaim “Washington Health Day.”  The Governor’s Community Health Bowl is organized and run by the Washington Health Foundation (WHF) as part of its Healthiest State in the Nation Campaign.


“The Healthiest State in the Nation Campaign seeks to move Washington from its current state health ranking of number 14 to number one,” said Greg Vigdor, President & CEO of WHF.  “The Governor’s Community Health Bowl offers an opportunity for all Washingtonians to get involved and learn what we, as a state, need to do to become the Healthiest Statein the Nation.”


The first ever Governor’s Community Health Bowl, in 2005, was a health and fitness challenge during which Gov. Chris Gregoire called upon the people of Washington to log One Million Miles of health on the WHF website.  Organizations, state agencies and schools challenged one another to see who could log the most miles – and the competition fostered physical activity and answers to health quiz questions.  At the end of the 2005 Health Bowl, more than 1.2 Million Miles had been accumulated on the state scoreboard at


“Last year we exceeded our goal of one million miles in five weeks,” said Gov. Gregoire.  “As a result, Washington became a healthier state in 2005.  I hope even more people will log on this year.  With your help, we can become the healthiest state in the nation.”


Beginning Sept. 18, Gov. Gregoire will up the ante, challenging Washingtonians to earn two and a half times last year’s miles.  In 2006, the School Challenge will encourage kids and their teachers to be more active throughout the school day.


This year’s Health Bowl will also feature the first-ever Healthiest Business Challenge – a fun and friendly competition to encourage health and wellness in the workplace, sponsored by the Seattle Chamber of Commerce and the Spokane Chamber of Commerce.


“More than 125 schools, dozens of businesses, more than 600 Participating Organizations and thousands of individuals, including Washington state employees, are already on board,” said Vigdor.


You can help make Washington the healthiest state in the nation. Participate in the 2006 Governor’s Community Health Bowl – it’s free, and a fun way to encourage friendly competition around health and exercise. Log your miles of exercise and be eligible to win great prizes, including a Bloomsday Race Package.


To join the Healthiest State Campaign or to learn more about the 2006 Governor’s Community Health Bowl, the School Challenge or the Healthiest Business Challenge, please visit  Or contact WHF’s Healthiest Statein the Nation Campaign at 206.577.1823 or




The non-profit Washington Health Foundation is working to make Washington the Healthiest State in the Nation by building Healthy Systems and promoting Healthy Living—through involvement of providers, leaders and local communities in the largest civic engagement project for health in state history.  For more information, visit

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