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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Schools Have Until January 25th to Sign Up

Spokane, WA—Elementary schools from Eastern Washington and North Idaho have two weeks left to sign up for the Fit for Bloomsday...Fit for Life youth fitness program. After the entry deadline, over 70 schools are expected to have signed up, with more than 7,000 kids participating in the ten-week running and walking program.


“We’re really pleased with the support this program receives from principals, teachers, PE instructors and parent volunteers, as well as sponsorship support from CHAS Health” said Bloomsday Race Director Don Kardong. “The community has really rallied around the goal of improving the fitness of kids in the region.”


Fit For Bloomsday...Fit For Life—dubbed Fit For Bloomsday for short—was developed by Bloomsday volunteers in cooperation with PE instructors, coaches and parents in the Spokane area. The Lilac Bloomsday Association provides information, materials, structure and incentives for the 8-10 week program, which is administered by school personnel and volunteers at participating schools.


Now in its 32nd year, the program prepares kids to run or walk Bloomsday while teaching them the importance of fitness, nutrition and safety. Special coupons are provided to participants by Mobius, the Garland Theater, and City of Spokane Aquatics to help motivate kids to stick with the program for all ten weeks.


Schools can sign up for Fit for Bloomsday by downloading an application form from Bloomsday’s web site (www.bloomsdayrun.org) and returning it to the Bloomsday office by January 25th. Kids and adults who want to sign-up for the 41st annual Lilac Bloomsday Run can register online now at www.bloomsdayrun.org.


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