• Sunday, May 7, 2023
  • 12 Kilometers (7.46 miles)
  • Spokane, Washington
  • 47th Running

Bloomsday Charity

West Central Community Center

Bloomsday thanks the West Central Community Center for serving as the official charity of Bloomsday 2022.   

The West Central Community Center has served individuals and families in the West Central, Audubon/Downriver, and Emerson-Garfield neighborhoods of Spokane since 1981, providing childcare, health and nutrition services, programs for developmentally disabled adults, and recreation activities for youth and adults.

Located on the Bloomsday 12km course — near the top of famous Doomsday Hill — West Central Community Center also serves as a satellite office for the Spokane Police Department, Unify Community Health, and HeadStart. It is also the home to the State of Washington’s first-ever 24/7 library kiosk.

Over the years, the West Central Community Center has touched the lives of thousands of people. This is where people come for a pick-up basketball game. For affordable childcare. For medical assistance and counseling. For neighborhood meetings. For job training, socialization, community services, holiday parties, and recreational clubs. Even for weddings.

As such a vital community touchstone, West Central Community Center has created unique opportunities for fun, education, and easing the burdens on families and individuals in need.

We invite you to make the West Central Community Center a part of your life too — whether by volunteering, donating, or making use of the many services and outreach opportunities they offer. You can donate to the West Central Community Center when you sign up for Bloomsday. Please visit the West Central Community Center website to learn more.

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