The Lilac Bloomsday Association presents the 43rd running of the Lilac Bloomsday Run.

  • Sunday, May 3, 2020
  • 12 Kilometers (7.46 miles)
  • Spokane, Washington

Where and when do I get my Corporate Cup Tech Tee?

Around the first part of April, your Corporate Cup team packet with your tech tees for your team members will be mailed to your team captain. To make your tech tee distribution streamlined, your team captain will also receive an email with a summary of your tech tee order, including the names of your team members and his or her chosen tech tee size. Please try on your tech tees before personalization. We encourage each team member to wear the tech tee; however, wearing this is not required to gain entrance into the Corporate Cup start area. Rather, each member must wear his or her runner bib on the front of their tee (bibs are distributed on race weekend). Anyone not wearing a PINK corporate cup number will not be allowed to enter the Corporate Cup starting area.  Please note if one of your team members registered after the registration deadline, he or she may not have his or her chosen tech tee size. However, we do our best to facilitate exchanges if possible.